Annual closure

The restaurant “L’Auberge du Lion d´Or” is closed until January 18, 2022.

The tea room remains open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. For all reservations please call +41 22 736 57 80.

Merry Christmas and happy new year


Welcome to the restaurant
L’Auberge du Lion d’Or

The flavourful and colourful dishes, the idyllic setting, the convivial atmosphere, the two Chefs Dupont & Byrne invite you to a special journey at the Auberge du Lion d’Or, an out-of-time experience where all senses are awakened. Near Geneva, on the hillsides of Cologny, savour an incredible gourmet cuisine while enjoying a breath-taking view of the Geneva bay.

In the heart of their restaurant, the Chefs Dupont & Byrne uncover the art of gastronomy.



Communal inn converted into a gourmet restaurant, the Auberge du Lion d’Or has quickly become a treasured Cologny landmark, not only for its exceptional setting and panoramic view of the City, Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountain, but first and foremost for the Chefs’ outstanding cuisine. Living to the rhythm of the seasons, they constantly innovate and concoct “bistronomy” dishes with both traditional touches and atypical twists. And they always make sure to choose the best products, either from local markets or from their carefully cultivated vegetable and herb garden.


The Chefs

The Haut-Savoyard & the Irish, the “bon vivant” & the dreamer, the traveller & the music lover, Gilles Dupont & Thomas Byrne complement, balance and inspire each other: when they first meet, in Geneva, it is friendship at first sight. Sharing the same dream, they partner up and become chefs of their own restaurant, the Auberge du Lion d’Or in Cologny, in 1996. Their “savoir-faire” is unique, their friendship too: it is reflected in their brilliant gourmet cuisine, in their perpetual smile and in the warm atmosphere of the place.



Cologny is a lovely village a few minutes away from Geneva, where culture and history intertwine within remarkable panoramas. The Pré-Byron standpoint, next to the villa where Mary Shelley wrote the famous Frankenstein novel, for instance, offers one of the most beautiful views on the bay of Geneva. Besides, at a stone’s throw from the Auberge du Lion d’Or restaurant, culture lovers may visit the Martin Bodmer Foundation, listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Its permanent collection includes many originals: papyrus, medieval manuscripts, authors autographs, incunabula, first editions, art editions, archaeological documents and drawings.

Our very own recipe for an unforgettable day in Cologny: A visit to the Martin Bodmer foundation followed by an exceptional meal at the Auberge du Lion d’Or, and a leisurely stroll towards Pré-Byron on the hillsides overlooking Lake Geneva. You will be swept off your feet!


The chefs’ special

Dupont & Byrne also apply their talents in their catering service and their soon-to-be-open delicatessen (opening in…). Savour their always attentive and flavourful “bistronomic” and gastronomic cuisine wherever and however you wish.