Suggestions of the moment

Depending on the seasons and the market, Dupont & Byrne offer you two delicious menus every day including a vegetarian menu. Our Maître d’Hôtel will be happy to announce them to you…

According to the season, to the daily market

« The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it »

                                                                                                                 Oscar Wilde


In case of allergy or food restrictions, please contact our staff who will gladly inform you

Origin of our meats: Beef (Switzerland), Lamb (Switzerland), Poultry (France), Veal (Switzerland), Porc (Switzerland) VAT (7.7%) included

Origin of our fishes: Salmon (Scotland), Tuna (Pacific), Turbot (Atlantique), Hake (Brittany), Perches (Ireland)